101 Hot Emo Boys


Hot emo boys. *sigh* Who can resist a hot emo boy in tight black jeans? Emo boys are beautiful, quirky, stylish and – just like emo girls – emo boys are totally hot! Unlike stereotypes suggest, emo boys don’t just sit in the dark and cry all day. They are sweet and compassionate and give the best hugs! Short-haired, long-haired, blonde or brunette; emo boys are unique in their own special way. This gallery has been put together just for people like you who love emo boys! … Read more »

Plus Size Colored Skinny Jeans


Plus Size Colored Skinny Jeans Just because you’re not stick thin doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up with the latest trends and styles in emo and scene clothing – in this case, plus size colored skinny jeans. Teamed with a simple black top, brightly colored plus size skinny jeans can easily add that bit of extra flare to your existing wardrobe. Don’t let anybody tell you that plus size skinny jeans, colored or not, aren’t a good idea – you’d be surprised at just … Read more »

Emo Bands: Boys Like Girls


Boys Like Girls is an American pop punk band from Boston, Massachusetts, who gained mainstream recognition when they released their self-titled debut album Boys Like Girls. The band formed in the final months of 2005, when vocalist Martin Johnson wrote a handful of songs he wanted to record. He recruited bassist Bryan Donahue and drummer John Keefe and Keefe brought along lead guitarist Paul DiGiovanni. By the end of 2005, the group had landed the #1 spot on the Top Unsigned Artists chart and within … Read more »

Emo Hair Clips and Accessories


Hair clips, whilst originally designed for functionality to keep hair in place, have since taken on a new edge; decoration. Particularly with emo girls, hair clips offer practicality – yes, they keep your emo fringe in check – and they also allow you to show off your individual style. Emo hair clips come in many shapes, sizes and colors though the most popular form of emo hair accessories are pretty emo bows and cute heart or star hair clips. Considering emo hairstyles are mostly about … Read more »

How to Get Emo Hair in 7 Steps


How to get emo hair? Emo hair styles vary from person to person and generally speaking, emo hairstyles make full use of bangs by shaping the hair into a side fringe that covers one eye. The side fringe is the most obvious aspect of an emo hair style but that’s only where it begins! Ready to get started? Our how to get emo hair guide is below! But first.. What makes an emo hairstyle? Brightly contrasting or colored highlights interspersed with dark shades such as … Read more »