Emo Tattoos

A tattoo is a permanent body modification of the skin that allows you to express yourself in a unique way.  In recent times tattoos have increased in popularity and are no longer considered taboo or only for the spiritual. Emo tattoos add an extra layer to your expressive ability as an emo boy or girl.

Emo Tattoos
Emo tattoos are typically made up of stars, hearts and cute designs. Whilst what makes up an emo tattoo is not limited to or restricted to a set of rules, there does seem to be a particular style that suggests a tattoo could be considered emo. In particular, tattoos using bright colors and teamed with black with a darker edge would be considered emo tattoos. Stars, hearts, wings, crosses and safetypins are some of the objects that make up an emo tattoo design.

Emo Heart Tattoos

Emo Star Tattoos

Other Emo Tattoos


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