Scene Clothing: Colored Skinny Jeans

This is a post in a series that will focus solely on scene clothing. ‘Scene’ as a style is definitely loud and in your face. It’s unique and it’s quirky. It’s about being yourself. This translates well when it comes to scene clothing. Basically, there are no limits. Go crazy kids!

First up..

Colored Skinny Jeans

A staple of scene clothing (that you’ll likely find in every scene kids’ wardrobe) is colored skinny jeans. What color exactly? Well, all of them. Red skinny jeans, orange skinny jeans — blue, green, neon pink. They come in every color of the rainbow these days.


Look, a Skinny Jeans Rainbow! :)


Scene clothing is all about using color to express yourself.
The bolder your choices the better!

The Best Skinny Jeans We Could Find
The brightly colored skinny jeans above mightn’t be enough for you, so we’ve done some more digging and have managed to find some styles that are even more ‘out there’! Below are some of the best skinny jeans we could find. (Personally, I love the metallic silver pair!)



Think you can find better?
Let us know!

Where to Buy Scene Clothing

If you’re looking for scene clothing or colored skinny jeans outside of the US, try Amazon UK. From experience, their shipping worldwide is pretty good! :)

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And if you’re looking for plus size alternatives, check out our plus size colored skinny jeans article for more scene clothing options in curve friendly sizes.

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