How to Get Emo Hair in 7 Steps

How to get emo hair? Emo hair styles vary from person to person and generally speaking, emo hairstyles make full use of bangs by shaping the hair into a side fringe that covers one eye. The side fringe is the most obvious aspect of an emo hair style but that’s only where it begins! Ready to get started? Our how to get emo hair guide is below! But first..

What makes an emo hairstyle?

  • Brightly contrasting or colored highlights interspersed with dark shades such as black or deep brunette. For example, black hair with white blonde – or dark brown hair with blue streaks. Not all emo hair styles require black hair though! White blonde hair with colored streaks/highlights is great too.
  • Emo hair styles are usually supposed to be worn down. Ponytails or plaits aren’t that common when it comes to how to make emo hair. Hair is kept untied making good use of cute hair clips such as bows or heart/star shapes.
  • How to get emo bangs? Long bangs should be swept across the face, obscuring one eye. As to which eye – it’s your choice!
  • Emo styled hair is deliberately messy – often requiring heavy use of hair styling products to create the desired look. A not so carefully crafted unruly style definitely reflects the wearers emotions – hence, an emo style!
  • An emo hairstyle is usually straight and asymmetrical. It’s common to wear one side shorter than the other and layers are very popular!

There is so much that a person can do with their hair to express their style, and hopefully our how to get emo hair guide below helps! Having an emo hairstyle makes you stand out as an individual and it’s common to find that you get a boost of confidence by spending just that little bit extra on your hair.

How To Get Emo Hair

Emo Hairstyles How To – The How to Get Emo Hair Guide

  1. how to get emo hair

    Grow your hair out if it’s too short. Whilst a lot of emo hairstyles don’t require that you have long hair to begin, having longer hair makes it a lot easier to shape a side fringe that covers one of your eyes. Your fringe should be longer than your nose – but no longer than your jawline.

  2. Layer your hair by cutting jagged sections throughout your hair. How to get emo layers? An emo hairstyle isn’t about symmetry – so have some fun! Remember not to cut too much off initially. You can always cut your hair shorter but there’s no way to get your hair back once it’s cut! (Stay tuned for our ‘How to Fix Emo Hair’ guide.)
  3. Razor your hair occasionally to maintain the spiky layered look.
  4. Dye your hair black, brown, or blonde and add some color. If you’d rather not damage your hair with bleach, consider scene hair extensions!
  5. Straighten your hair with a hair straightener. Remember to invest in heat defense sprays/shampoo so you don’t damage your hair.
  6. Accessorize your hair. Girly bows are particularly popular. Add them randomly to your hair. Also consider hair clips that are shaped like hearts, stars or bats! Try not to go overboard. One or two accessories is perfect.
  7. Take care of your new hair! It’s a big part of you and damage can take months to repair!


And that’s how to get emo hair!

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