Plus Size Colored Skinny Jeans


Plus Size Colored Skinny Jeans Just because you’re not stick thin doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up with the latest trends and styles in emo and scene clothing – in this case, plus size colored skinny jeans. Teamed with a simple black top, brightly colored plus size skinny jeans can easily add that bit of extra flare to your existing wardrobe. Don’t let anybody tell you that plus size skinny jeans, colored or not, aren’t a good idea – you’d be surprised at just … Read more »

Scene Clothing: Colored Skinny Jeans


This is a post in a series that will focus solely on scene clothing. ‘Scene’ as a style is definitely loud and in your face. It’s unique and it’s quirky. It’s about being yourself. This translates well when it comes to scene clothing. Basically, there are no limits. Go crazy kids! First up.. Colored Skinny Jeans A staple of scene clothing (that you’ll likely find in every scene kids’ wardrobe) is colored skinny jeans. What color exactly? Well, all of them. Red skinny jeans, orange skinny … Read more »